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The Ethnographic Marketing, Communications and Content Company


eth·​nog·​ra·​phy | eth-ˈnä-grə-fē


“The study and systematic recording of the customs of individual peoples and cultures"

We steep ourselves in the behaviors of various people around the world, and create the connective tissue between their unique needs, and your brand’s unique story, to create a lasting bond.

By following the evolving trends, shifting habits and diverse cultures of people who identify as Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, AAPI, Indigenous, living with disabilities (both visible and invisible) and every intersectionality in between – we are able to authentically convert these audiences to be vocal advocates of a brand, product or service with our tailored approach.

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Creating Cultural Relevance

When a brand creates cultural relevance, it’s wanted, it’s followed – it’s actively chosen.

Our Capabilities

  • Brand Strategy & Audience Identification

  • Campaign Development & Execution

  • Strategic Business Consultation

  • Social/Editorial Strategy & Community Building

  • Content Creation (from GIFs & memes, to feature films)

  • Public Relations & External Affairs

  • Influencer Management & Engagement

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Crisis Response Strategy & Communications

  • Material Review (Scripts, Internal Comms, Content, etc.)

  • Employee Communications


The Company We Keep

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